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                                   AS LONG AS YOU'RE WILLING TO MAKE THE CLIMB.

Mountains represent obstacles. Things that look permanent. That seem immovable. 

No Mountain was inspired by the the Olympus gym and everything it took to create it and keep it alive through the pandemic. That was my mountain to overcome. The saying was "There is No Mountain in life that you cannot overcome, not even Olympus."

No Mountain is starting as a way to support my athletic ambitions in the Canadian Ninja League and Sport Parkour League for 2023. Because of the pandemic and the aftermath, my financial responsibilities of keeping Olympus open have prevented me from competing in my sport for over 2 years. So, this year, I am putting my pride in my pocket and asking for a little help.
I have created some products that I hope will inspire and bring value to you, and the profits will go toward funding my competitive season in the CNL and SPL.

No Mountain is starting as a way to raise money for my sport, but I hope to grow this brand into a world-wide source of motivation for others.

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