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The OFR Pro-crew is a new sponsorship program created to bring together freerunners in Prince George. The goal of the program is to find the dedicated Parkour enthusiast in town  that may not yet realize they love the sport, can't afford to get started, or just never considered that they could go pro with it


We also hope to one day create a group much like the UK's Parkour crew called STORROR.

If you've never heard of them, check them out here and you'll get an idea of what we aim to create over the next few years and beyond.

But in order to get there one day, we need to start at the beginning. We need to find the runners! And here is where you come in.

Your skill level does not matter. All that matters is that you want to learn how to Freerun and you want it to be your THING!

It's important to know that Parkour is a world-wide professional sport. There are tournaments, events, and training facilities across the globe, and it is only getting bigger every day. So you can view Parkour as just a fun hobby, or if you want to, you can make it your SPORT, and go pro.

So if you,

- Are passionate about Parkour and want it to be your sport

- Want free unlimited access to the Olympus Parkour Gym

- Want to be a sponsored Parkour athlete

- And have a willingness to learn and be seen starting from zero and are not afraid to try and fail, and try again,


Here is what you will receive if you are selected to be an OFR sponsored athlete:

  • Free monthly membership that includes unlimited Open Gym and Adult Class access**

  • 25% off all referred friend drop in fees

  • 25% off all refereed friend membership dues

  • 25% off all gym apparel and accessories

  • Automatic entrance to all gym tournaments and contests**

  • Affiliate program with your own dedicated discount code (TBD)

  • Additional perks as they are released

Here is what will be required of you as an OFR sponsored athlete:

  • You are between the ages of 14 to 50

  • You must attend at least 2 open gym practices a week

  • You must attend at least 1 class a month

  • You must make at least 2 OFR related social media post a week**

Remember, this program is designed to show people that Freerunners are real athletes, and this sponsorship and your training should be taken as seriously as you would any other sport.

OFR has limited positions available and I will personally be going through each application to choose the most deserving and passionate applicants. Will that be YOU?

Does this all sound awesome?

Yes? Good, then lets get your application in. Apply below.

**in order to retain your position in the program and free membership perks, you must meet the requirements each month and be a positive and friendly member of the crew. Your position may be cancelled at anytime if we feel you are not doing your part to earn your place in the program.

**Adult Class is 17+ but the selected athletes will be granted special access to these classes if they are under 17.

**Tournaments are based on age and skill range and the crew member will be allowed into their respective range.

**A social media account is not required to be accepted into the program.

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