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New Class Levels System

We are introducing our own grading system that is catered to each age and skill level. If you are unsure which class to be in please check the levels below.

This system is brand new and will need time to get fine tuned and calibrated with the schedule. Thank you for your patience as we figure it out together!


Level 1


Level 1 is where all of our students begin their practice of Parkour. If you have never done parkour at our facility before then this is where you should start, regardless of prior experience. Level 1 includes the most basic building block skills in parkour with a heavy emphasis on safety. Upon successful passing of a Level 1 test, students will be able to receive Level 2 training.


Level 2


Level 2 is the second half of our beginner level classes. In this level students will remain in the same class as Level 1 students, but will begin to learn more advanced techniques. The skills learned in this level will have more of an emphasis on technique and power, and will most likely require more practice to master than the skills in Level 1. Once students can pass a Level 2 test they will have the option to move up to a Level 3 class.


Level 3


Level 3 is the first half of our advanced level classes. Students may only progress to this level once they have passed levels 1 and 2. This is where students will begin to practice skills in a more realistic environment, mimicking competition and/or outdoor training. Most of the skills in this level are combinations and/or variations of skills learned in previous levels. Upon successful passing of a Level 3 test, students will be able to receive Level 4 training.


Level 4


Level 4 is the second half of our advanced level classes. In this class students will remain in the same class as Level 3 students, but will begin to practice and polish their skills to a higher degree. Level 4 students will be pushed to master all of the most basic techniques to a point of being able to execute them at a competitive level. Students in this level will also be given more freedom to develop their own style of movement as well as pursuing skills outside of the curriculum. Once this level is completed students will receive their Blue Band and have officially completed our curriculum. However, there's much more to do!


Level 5


Level 5 is for students who have mastered the curriculum and are looking to push themselves to the next level. Level 5 is characterized by a list of challenges littered throughout the gym. The challenges are designed to test not only the students' physical capabilities, but their ability to deal with fear as well. If a student can complete this level they will receive their Black Band and be recognized as an athlete capable of training and competing at a master level.

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