Masks are mandatory in the gym at all times and avoid spectating:

I love having you watch your kids learning and showing off their moves, however, with the new government rules, we ask that you do not spectate the classes at this time. If possible, please wait outside so that we don't have any clustering in the lobby area.



The classes are a 5 week program and are reserved for previously enrolled participants. Before purchasing a class session, you will need to send an email to if you are interested in enrolling.

*Because we have an attendance cap on our programs, we must insist on a NO-RETURN/NO-REFUND policy which applies to all class session enrollments. Under special conditions at our discretion, the amount can be applied as a credit to your account. We encourage you to attend a drop-in OPEN GYM or ask for an assessment before committing to one of our programs.

Age 8 to 11 - 5

Tuesday 4:45p - 5:45p & 6p - 7p

Wednesday 4:45p - 5:45p

Thursday 4:45p - 5:45p  

Friday 4:45p - 5: 45p

Saturday 2p - 3p


Age 12 to 16

Wednesday 6p - 7p

Saturday 3:15p - 4:15p



Rubber sole shoes are best for Parkour. Avoid full-foam bottom shoes if you can. They have very little traction in the gym and will make training harder and less progressive.

Housekeeping rules:

Please bring your own water bottle with water. There is no provided water or bottles at the gym.

Please bring clean running shoes, and please DO NOT wear those shoes from outside into the gym. Please change into them once inside the gym. Thank you in advance.

3 Strike Policy:

Olympus has a very important 3 strike rule. If during classes, participants misbehave, break rules, blatantly disobey instructions, or do anything else that the coaches deem unacceptable, they will get 2 warnings and on the 3rd they will be sitting out for the rest of class. If this happens twice, they will be removed from the program with no refund. Please speak to your kids about this in advance, as this is very important for all participants' safety.


Open Gym:

For ages 12 to 16, OPEN GYM drop ins are included in your class purchase. Your kids can now access 3 extra OPEN GYM sessions per week, for free, for the duration of the 5 week session.


At this time there is no OPEN GYM option for Ages 8 - 11 as it wasn't being utilized enough previously to continue it. As Olympus regrows its participant base, it will be reintroduced. Please let me know if this is something that you would be interested in having access to!

Select your class

If you have any suggestions on what would work better in the future, instead of these class times, please don't hesitate to let me know. All feedback helps me learn so I can try to make the schedule better for everyone going forward.

Beginner Classes | Age 8 - 11 | 5 Week

Beginner Classes | Age 8 - 11 | 5 Week

Out of Stock
Beginner Classes | Age 12 -16 | 5 Week

Beginner Classes | Age 12 -16 | 5 Week


Beginner Classes | Adult 17+ | Drop In


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