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Parkour - the fastest growing lifestyle sport among kids, youth, and young adults globally!

Classes are perfect for developing confidence in your own skin, both mentally and physically; building self esteem, overcoming fear, and challenging your limits. Our classes are suitable for any fitness and skill level, and start from age 8 up to adults and over!


We offer ongoing, online registration; all you need to do is pick a payment plan and then book your classes. Be sure to read the points below for important registration information!

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LEVEL 1-2 (BEGINNER) 8-12's

Parkour is about play, exploration and understanding our surroundings; training both the body and mind to be as completely functional, effective, and liberated as possible


Our Parkour Beginner programs dives into the foundations of the discipline. These classes focus on the fundamentals of body coordination, posture, and movement technique. Students learn these movements all while building strength, confidence, and camaraderie with their peers in an exciting environment with lots of fun training games!

Students compete against themselves; learning to overcome fear and limitations. 

Examples of learned movements include how to jump and land properly, falling to prevent injury, climbing basics, vaulting introduction, balance training, and more.

LEVEL 3-4 (ADVANCED) 8-12's

Upon completion of a Level 3 test, students may attend Level 3-4 (advanced) classes.

Our Parkour Advanced programs digs deeper into the core movements of Parkour, like Cat plants and laches, and the variations of these. These classes expand on the fundamentals of body coordination, posture, and movement technique.


Students get more opportunities to asses risk and push past limiting fears, all while still remaining in a safe and challenging environment; and with a focus on play!

Examples of learned movements include how climb up taller obstacles, push off walls to reach longer distances, how to safely swing from bars, continued balance work, and beginner competition prep!



Parkour for teens is structured much the same as the younger class options, just with slightly bigger gaps, and taller climbs. But the essentials remain the same. We focus on pushing past fears, honing balance and coordination, and with an emphasis on body confidence.

Because of our smaller teen interest at this time, we do mix all skill levels into these classes. Which allows for students to push a little harder if they feel ready but still to have challenges to go back to if they need more time.

Students in these classes will learn to trust their own two feet and gain confidence by overcoming challenging obstacles.


Band Exams

Has your coach let you know it’s time to level up?

If not you can ask us anytime and find out which band level is appropriate for you and when you can take the test. Bands are used to separate students in classes so that they are given instructions appropriate for their skill level. During an exam you will be tested on your ability and understanding of select skills.

adult fitness


No one said that fitness couldn't be fun! Parkour isn't just another sport, or something for kids to do. It is very realistically, an important life skill. A sort of defensive martial art, and it can be started and progressed from any age and fitness level.

Parkour, or simply overcoming obstacles, is a valuable ability that can be learned at any age and fitness level. Being able to trust your own two feet, conquer a fear of heights, balance, climb over a wall or hang from your own two hands, has very real use in one's life, or in emergency situations.

Consider Parkour not for just the physical benefits, but the mental component as well. Putting yourself in a healthy amount of risk and overcoming challenges you didn't think you could, does wonders for building self esteem and confidence.

In adult classes, you'll rediscover your sense of play all while building coordination, core stability, stamina, and trust in your body.

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under 8 waitlist

Under 8 Class Waitlist

We hope to one day provide class options specifically for ages 7 and under. Please join our list to be notified if we open one!

Thanks for joining!

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