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how olympus works

What is Parkour?

Parkour is the discipline of moving your body from point A to point B in the fastest most efficient way possible. It is the activity and culture of practicing to pass/overcome obstacles or structures. Parkour can be a fun activity to get in shape or a discipline to challenge your body and mind. It consists of, but is not limited to these basic locomotor abilities: running, jumping, climbing, crawling, vaulting, swinging (brachiating), and rolling.

Parkour is an amazing, eye-catching sport that when respected can become a great outlet for people, that do not like competitive or team sports, to express their individual uniqueness through movement. The sport doesn’t require a competitive nature, more so a desire to push the human body to do incredible things and dream together as a community to see what is possible for us as Freerunners. It can also be a very useful tool to have in case of emergencies such as get-aways, pursuit, or vacating dangerous environments.


What is Olympus Freerunning?

Olympus is a Freerunning Facility. Which means it is a place to practice the sport of Parkour.

The focus of this facility is to teach  quality movement they can use to create their own challenges and combinations. Through specific exercises you will not only learn how to move better, but you will become a stronger and more capable human being.

Parkour can be a very dangerous sport, and an incredibly rewarding skill. Which is why it is important to know that this facility is not made to be a playground, it was designed to provide a safer more forgiving environment to learn parkour. Because parkour is practiced outside in the elements usually consisting of hard surfaces such as concrete, the inside of the gym is designed to simulate this environment just with slightly more forgiving spots with mats and pads.

First Time at the Gym?

What should I bring?

- Save time and fill out our WAIVER online! (must be 19 years or older to sign)
- Comfortable clothes for running, jumping, climbing, rolling and crawling.
- Clean running shoes (indoor shoes required). Help keep our gym clean! Otherwise, you can also practice barefoot, but is not recommended.
- A water bottle you can refill from the bathroom sink.


Do I have to bring a parent/guardian?

- If you’re under 19 years old, you will need an adult to sign a waiver for you. You can do this before your visit by clicking HERE.
- Kids under the age of 13 must have a parent/guardian present during all OPEN GYM times.

Return/Refund Policy:

Because we have an attendance cap on our programs, we must insist on a NO-RETURN/NO-REFUND policy which applies to all class session enrollments. Under special circumstances at our discretion, the amount can be applied as a credit to your account. We encourage you to attend a drop-in OPEN GYM or ask for an assessment before committing to one of our programs.

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