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Birthdays, Private Events, and School Groups

ages 7+ for private bookings.
Our private bookings include 1-2 hours of private gym use, with space for decorations or opening presents.
at this time, we no longer allow food in the gym. Sorry for any inconvenience this may cause.


$150 per hour

$14 per participant over first 10.



$200 for 1 hour
$300 for 2 hours
$15 per participant over first 10.

currently Saturdays only.

bookings within 48 hours may be declined and refunded if time constraints arise.


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ninja competitions


Prices will vary.

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please read and make sure you understand the following before booking:
This is a new booking system that we are testing out. Thank you for your patience as we try new things and work out any kinks!
the 2 hour booking is a little messy but our website provider is working on a solution.
please don't hesitate to contact us should you encounter any problems or confusion. Facebook, instagram, or email

Steps for booking:
1. click book now and Choose your desired Saturday.
2. Pick your time.
3. If doing 1 hour, just select your hour and pay the deposit.
4. if doing 2 hours you will just need to book your first hour, pay the half deposit (1/2) and then come back and book your second hour (2/2) and pay the second half deposit.

*You can disregard the 10 minute buffer in the hour selections when booking for 2 hours. This is just to make sure that there is time between separate party bookings, should another party book the spot right after.
Example* you book 12-1pm, then go to book your second hour, but it says 1:10-2:10pm. your booking will be from 12pm-2pm.