Is an Unlimited membership worth it for you?

*COVID has temporarily changed the schedule, which changes these numbers slightly.*


Even though Parkour and Olympus are awesome and super fun, it is important to know that one is still an extreme sport and the other is an extreme sport training facility. Fundamentally Olympus is no different than the ice rink at hockey practice, or the studio where you would practice Karate. Olympus is where you go to train the extreme sport of Parkour.

The major key benefit of Parkour is that it has the health and fitness potential of any other high paced sport such as football or hockey, but with a fraction of the costs. All you need for Parkour is the shirt on your back, and a good set of runners.

To put things in perspective:

In the early stages of Olympus, there will be approximately 4 open gym sessions per week. Allowing participants to potentially attend 16 open gym sessions a month.

Drop in open gym is $20 for 2 hours.

$20 x 16 = $320

But instead costs only $70 a month. About $2.33 a day. Less than a cup of Coffee.

In the end, my hope is that Parkour becomes a priority in your world, and your preferred sport for years to come, so that making the 2 dollar a day commitment is worth you becoming a true Parkour Athlete.

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